Call for Artists

As a celebration of Excursions' 10-year anniversary, we would like to commission 13 artists to produce 13 artworks representing themes of the past issues to be exhibited in the University of Sussex Library.

We are looking for Brighton-based artists and art students to submit commission ideas based on the themes listed below. If interested in winning the pitch for one of the 13 themes, see further details below. Submit your commission idea via this form by the 10th May 12pm for the first selection round, or 17th May 12pm UK time for the second selection round. 

1) In-Sight;
2) Virus;
3) States of Emergence, States of Emergency;
4) Science/Fiction;
5) Purity;
6) Boundaries;
7) Occupations;
8) Failure;
9) Networks;
10) Fake;
11) Chaos;
12) Reflections;
13) Re-Connect.

We allow for complete creative freedom; our only requirement is for the artworks to fit on a 50x50 (cm) canvas. We also welcome innovative digital submissions that can be accessed via a QR code. If you would like to discuss a particular idea, please do get in touch via contact details below. 

* SELECTION PROCESS: The selection process will be organised in two rounds: 10th May 2021 and 17th May 2021. The submissions by the first round deadline (10th May) will be prioritised. After the deadlines, we will be getting in touch with the artists to discuss their initial ideas, and the final list of the selected artists will be announced on the 23rd May.
* ARTWORK DEADLINE: The exhibition will be launched at the Doctoral School festival in July, with the final product submission deadline being 27th June.

We offer £200 commission PER art piece, this includes materials.

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