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Vol. 13 No. 1 (2023): Outside/rs 2022 - SPECIAL ISSUE
blurry human figure with unusual clothing stands windswept in marshland

Outside/rs 2022 conference was held on 2nd - 3rd April 2022 at the University of Brighton. The conference aimed to build a common understanding of the challenges in accounting for Outsider experiences and positions, as they relate to gender, sex and sexualities. We invited criticisms, definitions and explorations of what Outside/rs might mean in relation to queerness, transness and beyond. This Special Issue contains a selection of traditional articles and essays, as well as more innovative formats such as an essay in conversation and a photo essay. These papers showcase the themes of this conferences to continue the conversations we began at Outside/rs 2022.

Published: 2023-04-20
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"Concepts are not fixed; they travel." – Mieke Bal (Conceptual Odysseys)

Excursions is an invitation to journey into the unfamiliar, a space in which to reflect upon the travels of concepts, beyond the boundaries of one’s discipline. Founded in 2010, this peer-reviewed journal is designed to showcase high-quality, innovative and inventive postgraduate research.

Run by postgraduates at the University of Sussex, we aim to encourage work that plays with the permeable nature of academic disciplines. As such, our interest lies in the interdisciplinary. Each issue of the journal has a theme which contributors can interpret as they see fit. We welcome critical papers or creative pieces and seek to place cultural, political, artistic and scientific discourses together in surprising combinations and illuminating moments of collision.